Let’s work together! I am open to and experienced in working with a wide range of clients from small businesses, start ups to larger brands. My portfolio is constantly being updated and I am always working on new artwork and designs that keep in mind current trends, seasonal motifs and my signature style as well as video content that is evergreen. See below for the different ways we can work together. 


License My Artwork

Licensing is a great way to build a creative relationship with me. You can print my artwork on your products and sell to your customers for an agreed upon royalty and time frame. I'll even help drive traffic and promote via my social media channels.


Sponsored Videos

Using visual story telling is a great way to showcase the impact of your company. I can help you develop visual stories for ad campaigns, web or social media and incorporate them seamlessly into my Youtube channel. You'll connect with my diverse and growing audience.


Custom Work

Art + illustration is a wonderful way to add a creative flare to any project. I specialize in hand drawn and digital illustration. I am happy to work on custom surface pattern design work, illustration work, graphics, animated gifs and more for a variety of industries.

Let's Connect

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