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Bella+Sophia Creative is a studio founded and run by Jennifer Veguilla-Lezan. Jen's a Chicago born Latina and proud mother of 3, who had creative dreams from the beginning. Despite hardships growing up, she attended art school as a first generation student.


With a career journey in fashion, design, illustration & digital media, She's come to merge her creative passions into the work she does as a freelancer. BSC studio is the culmination of those experiences and is focused on providing beautiful, fun and vibrant work to clients. 


Jen has a Bachelor of Arts with a focus in Marketing, Design &

Production. She graduated from Benedictine University's MBA

graduate program focused in Entrepreneurship and Small

Business Management in 2011.


When she is  not freelancing or creating, she can be found

teaching in the fashion and marketing departments at local universities and colleges online as well as releasing her own courses on Skillshare.


In addition to the work I do as a freelance creative, I am a fierce advocate because of the hardships I faced growing up. In the past, I've worked for and volunteered for non profits and I use my graphic design background to support causes that I am passionate about.


recently released a Skillshare course focused on Design for Good. In this video I share the story of my life and how it impacted my career and the work I do when it comes to design for good, my volunteerism and activism. I hope my story not only inspires you to pursue using your talents and skills to do some good in this world, but that it acts as a reminder that even if you come from rough and humble beginnings, anything is possible if you believe in yourself. 

If you are interested in seeing some of my past graphic design and design for good work - you can check out my Design Archives! Take the DFG Course HERE.

Check out the latest issue of Surface Design News - My online learning platform and courses were recently featured in their July 2022 Issue!

Check out their social media channel on Instagram 

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