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All are welcome in this creative community

Now offering virtual 1 on 1s!

If you are looking for a more personalized learning experience, I am happy to announce I am now offering 1:1 sessions through Skillshare focused on portfolio reviews and individual learning workshops. 

What students are saying...

"Excellent course. Highly recommended for anyone who uses this tool. Very well organized, with excellent examples and areas where we could pause the video and follow along. It is long, but worth every minute. The best instructional video on Affinity/Keynote." - ANDI DRUMS

Let's explore the Creative Studio

What you get when you take a class

The Entire Course Library

Access my growing course library of 29 courses with new classes added constantly.

Creative Course Resources

Access to all the course material resources and
project templates. 

The Creative Community

Connect with other like minded creative individuals on Facebook..

Course Discussion Forums

Utilize the facebook community to ask questions and offer feedback.

Who is this  for?

The Creative Studio community is an inclusive and supportive creative space for people from all  backgrounds. When you take a class with me, you get access to my private Facebook group!

My hope is to inspire others through creativity and help them learn new skills and find their creative voice. If you are interested in graphic design, surface pattern design, marketing, illustration and digital artwork, you are exactly where you need to be. 

- If you are someone interested in graphic design and learning software, my courses are for you.

- If you are a creative who likes drawing on your iPad and likes getting new inspiration and courses every month, check out one of my classes!

- If you are anyone who believes they are not creative, but wants to learn and try new things, my courses are for you!

Check out the library 


What students are saying...

"I started as a complete novice but now I have a solid foundation to continue making my own stickers. The class project was incredibly helpful and Jenny thoroughly guides us through each step. She isn't verbose and gets to the point without compromising clarity. YouTube videos cannot compare to the quality of this class." - GRACE NUTT

Your Learning Options

Join me on Gumroad

$30/course | Individual and Bundles

Get access to the following

- Video library for the course you buy

- The creative FB community

- Pay only for what you want

- All the course resources

- Course centered discussion forums
- All project templates


Find Me on Skillshare

$168/year | All Course Access

Get access to the following

- Complete course library
- The FB creative community

- Course discussion forums

- All the course resources + templates

- Access to new courses released

- Access to other courses on Skillshare

Find me on Udemy

$30/course | Individual course purchase

Get access to the following

- Video library for the course you buy

- Course centered discussion forums

- Project templates for course you buy

- Resources for course you buy

- The Creative FB Community

- Pay only for what you want


Creative Online Courses for the Curious

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